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Goddess: Lalita
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erotic massage  in BEIJING Beijing Massage Therapist erotic massage
Beijing Massage Tantric Massage Therapist based in BEIJING
Tantric Massage Therapist based in BEIJING Tantric Massage Therapist based in BEIJING Tantric Massage Therapist based in BEIJING
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Goddess Venus - Goddess of Love & Beauty. The cosmic feminine energy principal associated with knowledge, wisdom and creativity
Beijing Massage Therapist Specializes in sessions and tuition for gentlemen.

Tantric Massage Therapist : Goddess Venus has 4 years experience in Erotic Massage and dancing in Tantric Energies, her training is ongoing. Discover the secret erotic techniques developed by this Sex Goddess herself, as a Dakini she has spent many years perfecting and developing her skills through hands on experience. Work with Goddess Venus on Connecting your Base Chakra with your Heart Chakra, your sex energy with your love energy, let them dance celebrating nature, being free and wild. As you melt away under the soothing feminine warmth of your Shakti's hands whilst she slowly and erotically peels away your layers, going deeper and deeper, you will find the vibration level in your body rising as your energy and excitement builds culminating into deep waves of pleasure and a powerful charge of current going through from your tip to your toes. Hypnotized by her powers of seduction let her lead you to a place of that can only be described HEAVEN on earth!!!

erotic massage  in BEIJINGBeijing Massagesensual massage in BEIJING

Lalitais the Goddess of Bliss and Desire.

In her right hand she holds the 5 human senses and in her left the honey of the gods (legend says that the God of Love, Kama, received his powers with once glance from Lalita). Weaving erotic actions with tenderness she takes you on a healing journey for mind, body and spirit.

Lalita has devoted her life journey to the healing arts. With an emphasis on the honouring of the divine feminine and divine masculine principles that reside in all living beings and manifests through healing Tantric union, she brings to life the Radiance Sutras - the teachings that emerge from the lovemaking of the Goddess and the God within our hearts.

As a a multi-disciplined practioner, qualiified to distinction level in many forms of body work including Body Harmony, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, Chinese Meridian/Accupressure Massage, Classical Hatha Yoga, Mediation and Breath Work, Chakra and Sound (Mantra) Healing, Lalita has combined these Eastern orientated therapies with professional qualifications in more Western based pyshcotherapy approaches and is an NLP Co-Active Life Coach.

Lalita holds safe and sacred space for all who come to her and finds her joy in leading you to awakening to the pulsating current of wisdom and bliss vibrating in your body right now. As you awaken, you are participating in an evolution. Allow your old notions to be challenged, those conditioned constructs of who you are and what spiritual practice is. There is a gaze here that will ignite you and at the same time a tender caress that will relax you and dissolve a lifetime of tension.

erotic massage  in BEIJINGBeijing Massagesensual massage in BEIJING

Aphrodite Goddess of love : Beijing Massage

Aphrodite is the embodiment of the pure love and sensuality. She is a quailified Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and swedish/ indian head massage therapist almongst many other therapies. Her gentle, loving and nurturing touch is felt by all. She believes the time for TRUE sexual liberation is now. It is time to raise the sexual vibration between the male and female aspects of divinity which we are ALL part of.

Aphrodite also has experience in erotic dance and has also been a life model for erotic art. As a natuarly gifted psychic Aphrodite is very sensitive to peoples needs and hopes to ignite the divine spark in us all. Now she is eager to share the love and wisdom she has learnt to anyone who chooses to listen. I invite you to come and relax with me, let me love and comfort you and honour you as the divine embodiment of Shiva, your true self.


Tantric Massage tantric massage

Goddess Nadia : Sensual Tantric Massage Therapist

Goddess Nadia has vast experience in Tantra, Tantric Massage and the Tantric arts, allow her to teach you new techniques to enhance and prolong your pleasure entwined with her skillful massage techniques, a fully qualified masseuse. Nadia is intelligent, kind and sensual, she will take you on a magical journey were you will be hypnotised by her beauty, she is elegant and gentle, a true Goddess.

Beijing Massage Beijing Massage Beijing Massage

Goddess Tara
Tantric Massage Therapist

She has worked in many spas, and is a fully qualified skilled masseuse. Goddess Tara entwines her extensive experience in Tantra practises and Tantric Massage with traditional massage to meet all your needs, so whether you need deep tissue on your shoulders and sensual slow soft strokes in different areas, Tara can tailor make her sessions to suit every inch of your bodies needs and desires. We invite you to experience divine pleasure and lose yourself in a magical heaven as her beautiful body slides blissfully over yours, connecting with every cell in your being, bringing balance and harmony to your mind, body and soul.

erotic massage BEIJING erotic massage BEIJING

GODDESS Cassandra

Experience the Best of Tantra with goddess Cassandra.
Discover a greater awareness of your body within the Art of Tantra, as we journey into the Sacred & The Erotic, blurring the boundaries. My specialty is in helping you to build stronger, more intimate and meaningful connections...a sensual fusion of body, mind and spirit. Experience Nourishing Warmth and Lasting Satisfaction.

Discover your ecstatic self through individualized tantra sessions for men,Cassandra is happy to offer you tantric treatments by visit. She can transform your room in a tantric sanctuar in minutes.

Beijing Massage Beijing Massage tantric masssage therapist

Goddess Inga Beijing Massage Therapist

Goddess Selene, Goddess of the Sun and the Moon.

Goddess Selene allowed her physical body to enter into the journey of discovery, a journey of exploration in different fields that got her in touch with her spiritual body. For many years she enchanted and awakened the Kundalini energy of many beings by performing the seductive art of Striptease. She loves expressing her sensual energy through all forms of dance! Intrigued by the Taoist way of life, she approached disciplines such as Thai-Chi and Yoga and experimented with several meditation techniques. From there she made Yoga a way of life by sharing her knowledge of this beautiful discipline with others. This path brought her to acknowledge Osho's philosophy of life which for her opened the door to the Tantric world... Here in our body are the sacred rivers, here are The Sun and The Moon, as well as all the pilgrimage places. Within your body there is a vast depths of ebb and flow; sensation flows across your skin...sensation known to none but you.. Every perfect action is accompanied by pleasure.. Let your experience be enriched by the presence of Goddess Selene.

Beijing Massage Therapist Beijing Massage Therapist Beijing Massage Therapist

Goddess Portia
Beijing Massage Therapist

visiting tantric massage therapist Portia is our new super-experienced Rose goddess.
She has mastered the art of Tantric massage, and is a qualified Aromatherapist and Massuse. Portia has dedicated herself to assisting others: as well as being a voluntary counsellor.

She is an incredibly warm lady with an aura of positive energy, has a brilliant generosity of spirit and is both physically and intellectually stimulating company. Portia always customises her range of massage techniques to create a bespoke experience for her client.

Goddess Portia uses her aromatherapy skills to blend beautiful scented skin soothing massage oil bespoke to the needs of her client. In her interview process we asked her what is her motivation in life? She replied that she wants to help others and make everyone she encounters feel good about themselves. 

If you have been travelling by plane recently, we highly recommend Portia: she has a unique method for removing back pain, and fatigue caused by jet lag. In Portia's spare time, she enjoys Bellydance classes, Yoga to keep herself supple, swimming, and volunteering to help others. With Portia's inimitable skill, feminine sensuality, and Hollywood looks, she will take you on the path to ultimate bliss!

You won’t help but to feel uplifted after spending time with this beautiful Goddess: she is a welcome and highly recommended new member of our team.


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Goddess Freya : Sensual Tantric Massage Therapist

Allow yourself to unwind, be pampered and explore the sacred and ecstatic ways of tantra, with a gentle and loving guide.

Goddess Freya is a qualified indian head and deep tissue massage therapist but also a passionate practitioner of tantra and the erotic arts.

With an addictive blend of of therapeutic and sensual strokes Goddess Freya will help your body and spirit relax and heal, bringing harmony and balance in your life.

Freya has a warm and and calming nature which will immediately put you at ease and charm you with her beauty and confidence.

Allow all of your senses to be charmed, making you tingle from head to toe, leaving behind all the stress and tension, feeling light as a feather.

Let your goddess show you the way to happiness and freedom!

Goddess Freya will visit your home, or your hotel.

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Goddess Jessica, attractive,sensational,sexy and natural charm .

Hello guy, my name is Jessica. I like meeting new people and I love my work. I am a trained massage therapist, and I know how to give you the massage you really want. If you like a tall girl, with a big smile and great attitude you will love me, it is my purpose to make you enjoy my massage and be happy. My value is imbedded in your happiness. I am a sunny, outer-hearted, and optimistic girl .My session is infused with a sensual, sound, positive wholeness where my hands move slowly, yet powerfully, over your body. While there are therapeutic benefits to my massage, the therapeutic feel is not present, where gliding along an unpredictable path of healing, ultimately, my hands guide you to absolute serenity and a more balanced consciousness between your body and mind. I will be your best choice.

Beijing Massage Girl Beijing Massage Girl Beijing Massage Girl

Goddess Sami, a well educated, beautiful young

Hi there. This is Sami, a well educated, beautiful young Chinese girl with stunning class and style. If you need that i will do it with a lot of tender loving care. you desire some fulfilling entertainment and a connection that will touch your hearted completely relax you. Anyway, I’m extremely outgoing, and very open minded. so please don't hesitate to mention your crazy and wild fantasies. my mission is to send you away with grin on your face, and I will do anything in my power to do.

Beijing Massage Therapist Beijing Massage Therapist Beijing Massage Therapist
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