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Tantric TherapistWorking with your Tantric Therapist on a deep and very personal journey. These sessions are completely tailor made for your specific goals and needs, healing, empowerment, discovery, emotional trauma, sexual trauma...

The Tantric Bodyworship:
designed to take you on a unique Erotic Journey of Discovery. This journey incorporates different Tantric breathe techniques that help take you into altered states of mind, enabling you to experience new heights. Your Therapist will guide you and slowly work on your body teaching you to receive pleasure through your different senses, new kinds of pleasure, using a range of touches, playful tools such as feathers, silks and Tantric Erotic Techniques.
Each session can be tailor made so if you wish to discuss and work on a particular issue maybe emotional, energetically or sexual, be sure to tell your therapist at the beginning, all our therapists are fully trained and will be able to work with you in a bespoke way.

Sensual Tantric Massage: A full body Naturist massage, slow, intimate and verySensual massage BEIJING sensual using scented or non scented oils to help glide around the body and sensually stimulating all areas of the body from top to tail, improve your health and wellbeing.
Embrace and be open to the art of sensuality, your therapist will completely relax you thus helping your mind to clear, whilst your body becomes in tune with its essence and drinks in every inch of ecstatic sensuous titilating pleasure.

Healing Tantric Massage: A full body Naturist Swedish massage ending in Chakra balancing, the focus on harmonizing and balancing the body's natural energies.

Erotic Tantric Massage: A full body Naturist Erotic Massage, allow yourself to experience the mind blowing feeling as two bodies merge as one, in long slow sensous body slides, warm oil and soft skin, body to body, using tantric erotic techniques to heighten pleasure, aimed at building and embracing the body's natural arousal energies.

Deep Tissue Tantric Massage - Goddess Venus
A deep and therapeutic full body naturist Tantric Massage

Sexual Healing - One to One bespoke session please ask for Sexual Healing session when booking

Tantric Rituals

Tantric RitualsTantric Bathing Ritual. This is a beautiful pampering experience if you wish to spoil yourself ‘cause your worth it’... or you are invited to join us straight from the office!!! you will be lead in by your therapist, she will slowly undress you losing and unthreading your tie, pealing your suit of you or whatever your attire, you will walk from the stressful office into total pampered luxury.

The bath will be run and waiting for you with rose petals floating and candles alight, your therapist will take you through guided meditations, themed depending on your purpose, whether for healing purpose, cleansing, erotic or stress relief. .she will make your stressful day become an insignificant blip in life, you will lose yourself in a magical world, of just you and her, shiva and shakti, male and female.. Slowly melting into the warm caressing water she will massage every inch of your body, head, face, shoulders, chest and below to the tips of your toes. Each ritual varies slightly depending on your particular needs.

Pamper Packages

Erotic Pamper DestressTantric Therapist
This Tantric journey starts with a bathing ritual, then moving back into your sacred space your Tantric Practitioner will blindfold you and start building your arousal energy using erotic techniques and touches. You will not need to think of a single thing, she will guide you in every way, taking you into mind altered states with the use of Tantric breaths and a number of different exercises, your Tantric Therapist will then worship your entire body with the 'body worship' ritual designed at The Beijing Tantric Temple for The Beijing Tantric Temple, UNIQUE, tried tested and PERFECTED !!!! You will experience new levels of pleasure !! each pamper journey varies depending on your personal goals and playful nature if you have any themes you would like to have fun with please let us know.

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