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Beijing Massage
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We specialise in the art of Tantric Massage, Sensual Massage and Erotic Massage our treatments are naturist massages (known as nude massages).  We also offer many bespoke tailor made sessions and Tantric Massage Sensual Pamper Journeys.
Visit Beijing Massage and experience luxurious pampering beyond your wildest dreams
Tantric Massage in Beijing brings you the cutting edge of innovative therapies combined with the exotic ancient TANTRIC pleasure arts, nourishing the mind body and soul.

Executive Tantric and Sensual Massage Beijing

Tantric Massage : Caviar, Champagne and Gold the luxurious erotic massage pamper journey for gentlemen: Basking your taste buds in deeply intense waves of pleasure with Champagne and Caviar with a beautiful Goddess to caress, worship and adore every inch of your being with sensual tantric massage ...

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Chocolate Sensual Massage: Melt into the ultimate luxury with natures aphrodisiac, Erotic Massage with chocolate oil, experience your beautiful goddesses body sliding and gliding together with yours into sensual heaven.

Mutual Erotic massage: An intense journey of mutual pleasure, your massage therapist will massage you in different positions you will reciprocate these motions allowing a journey of mutual erotic massage pleasure.

Tantric Massage:  Body Worship Massage: An innovative powerfully provocative experience indulging and awakening all your senses, using erotic techniques such as butterfly kisses all over your body, breath, feathers, body to body.. raising your pleasure endorphins of the scale, cleansing and balancing your mind body and soul. Tantric Massage is a beautiful way to become more present in your body to re discover all the magical pleasures it can bring you... Tantric Massage is a journey, not a template of motions, it is a journey through the senses in which your body will become alive, your experience will be completely unique, a beautiful sensual journey of ecstasy encompassing all forceps of your being.

Beijing Sensual Massage

Tantric Massage Central BeijingSensual Tantric Massage: A full body Naturist massage (Nude Massage), slow, intimate and very sensual, using scented or non scented oils to help glide around the body and sensually stimulating all areas of the body from top to tail.
Indulge yourself in a paragon of ecstasy as your beautiful Massage Therapists body glides slowly and delicately against your own body moulding and exploring every curve.  Sensual massage Beijing offers a unique journey into sensuality, sensuality as an experience, each treatment is performed by a highly skilled beautiful masseuse in tune with your body and your needs. Call now a book for undoubtedly the best Sensual Massage experience in  Beijing

Healing Tantric Massage: A full body Naturist Swedish massage ending in Chakra balancing, the focus on harmonizing and balancing the body’s natural energies. Healing tantric massage heals the mind, body and rejuvenates your main energy centres leaving you fresh and focused and invigorated.

Erotic Tantric Massage: A full body Naturist Erotic Massage, body to body, tantric erotic techniques used to heighten pleasure, aimed at building and embracing the body’s natural arousal energies. Erotic massage is only just now being recognised for its health benefits, in this modern age, once frowned on by the masses it is now well documented that raising sexual energy improves and lengthens your life. Erotic massage Beijing brings to you Erotic massages put together from their experience and innovative proven techniques, entwining modern massage techniques with tantra and therapists highly skilled in the sacred erotic arts. Erotic Massage in Beijing, live the dream.

Tantric Rituals

Tantric Massage combined with a ‘Bathing Ritual’ - This is a beautiful pampering experience if you wish to spoil yourself ‘cause your worth it’...  you are invited to join us straight from the office!!! you will be lead in by your therapist, she will slowly undress you .....

Pamper Packages - Perfect for the stressed business man, entertaining corporate clients, a busy mum to escape, or simply treat yourself for your own pleasure.Massage Spa

Simply click on Tantra for Men.

Tantra for couplesBeijing Massage, Learn the art of sacred Tantric Loving

Massage in Beijing, Beijing Tantric Massage

Tantra and Tantric Massage in Beijing

Tantra is an Ancient Indian Philosophy, it celebrates the Devine magic, that electric current generated between male and female that creates life, Tantra embraces all of our very existence, our minds, physical body (all of it) and our Energy bodies.


Couples TantraThere are many practical ways Tantra, the Tantric Practises can be incorporated into our lives today, Tantra creates communication in our relationships, deepens our love connection, improves our sex life's, all of these factors are crucial to our happiness. If single, Tantric practises prepare you for the meeting of our soul mate, the practises fill you with inner love, confidence and happiness.

Beijing Massage

Beijing Massage, ( massage in Beijing),  we do may custom made sessions for individuals of all walks of life, the treatments we offer on this website are a guidance, Tantra has no bounds.

Beijing Massage  is offers Sensual Massage, Erotic Massage, Naturist Massage, Nude Massage, and a variety of pamper journeys.

Beijing Massage is an advertising agent for self employed holistic therapists.
Each treatment is defined by the massage therapist. 
Each therapist is paid for holistic Massage, they do not offer sexual services of any kind, they offer only holistic therapies.
This website is a guide to Tantra and offers information on Tantra for your entertainment.
For Beijing Massage Locations and pricing information click here.

Tantric Massage for Men, also teaching tantric techniques and can help deal with sensitive issues in a hands on and gentle approach, alternatively bespoke training to be a better lover for fun and learning..
Offers Women Goddess Empowerment, sensuality, belly dancing, erotic movement, meditation, breathwork, massage and much more, taylor made to your particular needs.

Offers Couples teachings to encorporate Tantra into their lives on a practical level, including giving each other tantric massages, and much more, bespoke sessions and journeys or levels 1-5.
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Sensual Tantric Massage

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